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Rather than depending on just a hostmask to auto-op a bot, Eggdrop can utilize its botnet to pass messages to ensure the right bot is being opped. This is more secure because the bots authenticate to each other to join the botnet, and their current nick/hostmask is passed across the botnet to ensure a malicious user isn't spoofing their hostmask.

To use this method, you must first ensure your bots are linked to each other. Then load the getops script in your config file (it comes with Eggdrop by default). At the bottom of your config file, add this line:

source scripts/getops.tcl

This must be added to all bots you want to give or receive the op from. Then, add the +o userflag to the bot in the partyline:

.chattr <bot> +o

Once all the bots have getops loaded and they have the op flag, they will automatically request ops via the botnet from any other bots that are currently linked and have ops in the channel.