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What do I need to apply a .patch file to the eggdrop's source?

You need to make sure you have the 'patch' utility, and that it is at least version 2.1.

   patch -v

to find this out.

How do I apply a patch to my source?

Make sure that you are applying the patch file to the correct version of eggdrop. 'gzip -d' the .patch file, if it ends with .gz Enter your eggdrop's source root directory and apply the patch with

   patch -p1 < eggdrop1.3.xx+demo.patch

Find things that might have gone wrong: find . -name "*.rej" -print

If the patch utility asked you about "What file to patch", then you probably do not have the correct version of the patch utility. If you do, then it also may be that you are trying to apply the patch file to an incorrect version of eggdrop. Make sure the eggdrop source you have match the version of the patch file you are trying to apply.

What kind of shell am I using?

For some things you do on your shell account you need to know what kind of shell you are using. The easiest way is to type

   echo $SHELL

If this does not work, use 'ps' and see what processes are running. Find the one that starts with a dash '-', this is probably your login shell.

This shell can be: sh, bash, ksh, csh or tcsh (or others...).

Where can i get a precompiled eggdrop for my computer?

It is HIGHLY recommended AGAINST using precompiled Eggdrops from untrusted sources. Eggdrop has been a regular target for hacking and crashing. Distribution of precompiled (binary) versions of Eggdrop are the easiest way of hackers to provide you with the easiest (and most dangerous) way of gaining access to not only your bot, but to your computer account directly. Don't advertise your precompiled Eggdrop binary sites on the Eggdrop list either =P

I get 'Makefile:3 :invalid operator' or some-such-thing when I try to 'make'

Try 'gmake' instead of make