Eggdrop Startup Errors

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Please make sure you edit your config file completely

One of the most common errors users encounter when starting an Eggdrop for the first time is the appearance of the error

Please make sure you edit your config file completely.

If you encounter this one... well, we can't give away ALL the secrets, but really- read the config file- Eggdrop can tell if you don't! ;) But seriously, if it is your first time running Eggdrop, don't try to edit and use the full eggdrop.conf file. Instead, start with the eggdrop-basic.conf. It has all the settings you really need to worry about- nickname, servername, type of server, etc. It really isn't that long and should only take 5-10 minutes to configure the first time. Then, as you gain familiarity with the functionality of Eggdrop, you can browse the full config file and add settings from it to your basic config file, or begin to edit the full config file for use.

... and look for something in the config file that would tell Eggdrop to die, maybe search for that phrase? Good luck :)

Userfile not found

When starting Eggdrop for the first time, you may see the error:

* USER FILE NOT FOUND! (try './eggdrop -m <config>.conf' to make one)

This means Eggdrop is looking for the userfile you set in the config file, but cannot find it. This is normal if this is the first time running this bot. To create a (blank) userfile, simply follow the directions Eggdrop gave you- re-run the ./eggdrop command, but this time add the "-m" flag, like this:

./eggdrop -m <config>.conf

The -m flag is only required the first time you run an instance of Eggdrop, you don't need to use it when you restart Eggdrop. Also, don't forget to immediately telnet to your bot or find it on IRC to claim it- until you do, anyone can connect to it and make themselves the owner.

Couldn't listen on port XXXX on the given address

Couldn't listen on port '3183' on the given address: Address already in use. Please check that the port is not already in use
    while executing
"listen +3183 all"
    (file "eggdrop.conf" line 122)