Loading Tcl Scripts

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Adding a Tcl script

Eggdrop can run scripts written in the Tcl language. The default eggdrop.conf file has examples of scripts being loaded at the bottom. To load a script, you can place the script you wish to run in the eggdrop/scripts directory. You likely need to edit some settings within the script itself (open the script file and read the comments, if any, at the beginning of the script). Then, load the script by adding

 source scripts/scriptname.tcl

at the bottom of your configuration file. Then, from the Partyline, type .rehash to rehash the bot, and the script will load.

Removing a Tcl script

To unload a script, remove the source command you added from the .conf file. Then, you must restart (not rehash!) the bot in order to finish the removal process.