Tcl Not Installed

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When compiling, you see this error:

 checking for Tcl configuration... configure: error: Can't find Tcl configuration definitions. Use --with-tcl to specify a directory containing

This means either Tcl is not installed on your machine, or it is installed to a location that Eggdrop doesn't know to look in.

If Tcl is not installed

If you are the administrator of the machine, install both the Tcl AND Tcl development packages. On Debian-derived OSs, this usually means running something similar to

 sudo apt-get install tcl tcl-dev

Use your OS package manager to find the correct package name.

If you are not the administrator, ask the administrator to install the packages, or you can try installing Tcl locally

Once you have installed Tcl, try installing Eggdrop again

If Tcl is installed

First- seriously, is it really installed? You need the development files too, not just the base Tcl install. If you're super sure it is, you can use ./configure flags to tell Eggdrop where to look for the development files. If you run ./configure --help, you'll see:

 --with-tcllib=PATH      full path to Tcl library (e.g. /usr/lib/
 --with-tclinc=PATH      full path to Tcl header (e.g. /usr/include/tcl.h)

These are the flags you want to set. So if your Tcl install placed in /home/geo/tcl/usr/lib/ and tcl.h in /home/geo/usr/include/tcl.h, you would want to run your ./configure as:

 ./configure --with-tcllib=/home/geo/tcl/usr/lib --with-tclinc=/home/geo/tcl/usr/include

If you REALLY think Tcl is installed

If you REALLY think you've installed Tcl properly (read XXXXXX) one more time!) and Eggdrop still can't find it on its own, you can tell Eggdrop where to look with: ./configure --with-tcllib=<path-to-tcl-lib> --with-tclinc=<path-to-tcl-inc>

If you're still not sure where the Tcl files were installed on your system, try doing a local Tcl install to your home directory.