Timer Drift

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Eggdrop tracks the system clock to perform some of its core functions, including counting down timers. This message is displayed when that clock value suddenly jumps ahead, causing Eggdrop to potentially miss some of those events. There are many reasons this could happen, some examples include:

  • A Tcl script ran a command that blocked Eggdrop from processing events for an extended period of time (often seen when running web queries or exec'ing a system command). When that Tcl command ends, Eggdrop reads the clock value, sees the large amount of time that has passesd, and passes this warning.
  • A virtual machine Eggdrop was running on was paused and then resumed.
  • The clock on your machine has just been changed. It may have been running behind by several minutes and was just corrected.

If you see this error often, it is usually a good idea to examine what Tcl scripts were running and what command may be blocking Eggdrop.