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Upgrading Eggdrop is a fairly straightforward process.

  1. We suggest backing up the .user and .chan files (the exact names were configured by you in your config file). Just in case!
  2. . Download the latest version of Eggdrop from https://www.geteggdrop.com
  3. Read the NEWS file that is included with Eggdrop; it will summarize the major changes made in the new version. More importantly, it will identify any configuration file changes you should be aware of.
  4. Compile Eggdrop
  5. After running 'make install', Eggdrop will copy the newly-compiled binaries to your installation location. Eggdrop will NOT overwrite eggdrop.conf- this is good because you won't lose your customized configuration file, but you also won't automatically have access to any new settings added to the most recent version of the Eggdrop config file. Again, consult the NEWS file for more information on settings and other related material
  6. From the Eggdrop partyline, kill the Eggdrop and then restart it from your shell command line. Voila!