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== Setting Up Eggdrop ==
== Setting Up Eggdrop ==
[https://docs.eggheads.org/setup Installation Tutorial]
[[Installing Tcl Locally]]
[[Installing Tcl Locally]]

[[Running_Multiple_Eggdrops_From_One_Directory|Running Multiple Eggdrops From One Directory]]

* [[Config_Changes|Config file changes, by version]]

== Using Eggdrop ==
== Using Eggdrop ==
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[[Channel_Administration|Channel Administration]]
[[Loading Tcl Scripts]]
[[CAP|Enabling CAP (IRCv3) Extensions]]
[[Account Tracking]]
== Common Errors ==
[[Tcl Not Installed]]
[[No Telnet Port Set]]
[[Known Eggdrop Errors]]
[[Matchattr Tcl Command Issues]]

== FAQ ==
== FAQ ==
[[Eggdrop_Startup_Errors| Why won't my Eggdrop start?]]
[[Dynamic_Bans| How do I stop Eggdrop from removing bans?]]
[[Threaded DNS]]
[[Timer_Drift| What does "timer drift - spun X minutes" mean?]]
[[Tcl| What is Tcl?]]
[[TermSignal| Eggdrop quit, and the last entry says "Received Terminal Signal"]]
[[PBKDF2_transition| How should I upgrade to PBKDF2 hashing from Blowfish? (1.9.0+)]]
== Tcl Examples ==
[[Setudef| Writing scripts that work only on selected channels]]
[[MinutelyWho| Write a script that performs a /who on all channels]]
[[EndOfWho| Writing a bind that triggers at the end of a 315 message (WHO listing)]]

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