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Setting Up Eggdrop

Installation Tutorial

Do I have Tcl installed?

Installing Tcl Locally

Running Multiple Eggdrops From One Directory


Compiling FAQs

Using Eggdrop



Channel Administration

Loading Tcl Scripts

Enabling CAP (IRCv3) Extensions

Account Tracking

Common Errors

Tcl Not Installed

No Telnet Port Set

Known Eggdrop Errors

Matchattr Tcl Command Issues

User file rejected by <bot>: Not sharing userfile

certificate validation failed: unable to get local issuer certificate


Why won't my Eggdrop start?

How do I authenticate to NickServ?

How do I make my Eggdrops securely op each other?

How do I stop Eggdrop from removing bans?

How do I connect to the partyline using TLS?



Threaded DNS

What does "timer drift - spun X minutes" mean?

What is Tcl?

Eggdrop quit, and the last entry says "Received Terminal Signal"

How should I upgrade to PBKDF2 hashing from Blowfish? (1.9.0+)

When compiling ancient versions of Eggdrop, I get "undefined reference to `cron_matchfld'" and other similar errors

Tcl Examples

Writing scripts that work only on selected channels

Write a script that performs a /who on all channels

Writing a bind that triggers at the end of a 315 message (WHO listing)

Writing a Tcl that can access https websites

Writing a Tcl that can access http websites asynchronous and gets the title of it

Eggdrop Mechanics

This is a really technical section dedicated to what is happening under the covers... you probably will never need this information, but its good to have it documented somewhere!

How Eggdrop tracks users

What is the difference between the IRC, Server, and Channel modules?